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It seems if you read all the complaints from customers, nono response is the same to everyone! What a joke this company is.

No matter how much you use nono, you get the same results.......nothing!

I'm going to call BBB.

Original review posted by user Oct 27, 2014

Got the nono used it like it said, after using it 3 x's it stopped working sent me 2 new heads, used it 3x's a week still after 40 days still have stubble after use, which was not good going into summer! Called them to return it and couldn't because they started 45 day from when I received the new heads grrr, when the 45 days was up called again to say still not satisfied, convinced me to keep it called by 60days now was too late!

After six months of use still the same, and not to mention the smell of burnt hair.

I also had to shave after using nono because the buffer did absolutely nothing and they said some people had to shave after rather than using the buffer. I'm better off waxing or shaving.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $250.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

No No Hair Removal Cons: Does not work.

Location: Boston, Massachusetts

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Thx everyone for these reviews, I almost bought one for my girlfriend for Christmas, luckily there was a problem with my visa card, it was expired so I had to wait for the new one and read all this in the meantime, I got her something else instead, really thx to everyone here...


thank you all for your reviews. was thinking about buying one for christmas gift but certainly will not after all the research I have done. Just reading all the almost identical predetermined answers from custom service tells me all I need to know.


Hi happy,

We understand how hesitant you are to purchase no!no! because of the reviews that you have read.

We'd like to suggest checking our website for success stories of customers whose lives have changed due to no!no!. In this way, you'll have a fair judgement if you'll purchase no!no! or not. To be honest with you, it takes time and patience for you to get the result that you wanted.

No!no! does not have an immediate effect but if you use it as instructed, it will have a long lasting result. For more information on how to use our device, please visit www.howtonono.com

We'd also want to inform you that no!no! is 100% risk free.

I guess you are already aware of this however we still want to let you know that you can purchase no!no! but if you are not completely satisfied with the results then you can return it within 60 days and we'll refund everything.

Thank you!


no!no! Customer Service


j'ai achete 2 NoNo sur le site Wish en fevrier 2016, je l'ai recu milieu mars et je l'ai offert comme cadeau d'anniversaire le 30 mars a mon copain, et il ne fonctionne meme pas, il se charge mais le bouton on/off maintenu qq secondes n'allume pas, d'ailleurs lorsqu'on le brasse un peu on peu sentir qu'il y a qqchose qui est detache dedans.

j'aimerais pouvoir le retourner et me faire rembourser car il l'a essayer avec le mien qui fonctionne (1 sur 2, c'est bon!!) et ca ne fait pas du bon travail sur son poil epais.

comment puis-je proceder pour me faire rembourser ?

B.Perras (Bibipers12@gmail.com)


Hi mrscox98,

We're sorry to hear that you've had this experience with your no!no! and we thank you for bringing this to our attention.

We'd like to review your account and check how we can help you further. Please send us an email at cs@trynono.com with your order details and contact information so we can reach out to you. Also, you may visit our website at www.howtonono.com for tips and tricks in using your no!no!



no!no! Customer Service


no!no! customer service,

To be honest with you I don't want to call anymore, you will just try and convince me to keep it. I really just want to return it with no hassle and be done.


Hi mrscox98,

Thank you for responding and we understand why you feel that way.

We'd love to assist you with your refund process.

Please just email cs@trynono.com with your order information and contact number. We'll review your account, check your eligibility for a refund and contact you to process the refund.

We hope to hear from you soon so we can resolve your concern.

Best Regards,

no!no! Customer Service


nono Customer service,

I'm sending an email with my info, We'll see if you will refund! You will probably have some kind of excuse why not to refund!


Hi mrscox98,

As mentioned, we will first check if you are eligible for a refund then we'll proceed further. If you will not be eligible for the refund then we'll assist you in using your no!no!

so you can still get the result that you are expecting.

Thank you

Best Regards,

no!no! Customer Service


I knew it! Of course I will not get a refund it's past the" 60days".

That's what you do, get us to go past "60 days" and can't return it. I DON"T NEED ASSISTS IN USING IT!

IT DOESN'T WORK! I used it like I was supposed to and It didn't work and wanted to return it 3x's witin the "60DAYS" and now it's passed it's time.


Hello again,

We understand your frustration, however we strictly follow our 60-day money back guarantee. If a customer wanted to return the product within 60-days then there's no way for us to deny the request.

Since you are no longer eligible to return the product, let's make it a useful product then. It would be a total waste of time plus waste of effort if you will just make it a useless product. We suggest doing it again and make the most out of your no!no!.

Don't worry, we're here to help.

Thank you,

no!no! Customer Service


I did want to return it within "60 Days"! I TRIED 3 TIMES!







I understand why you feel that way. Since I don't have your account information, I would suggest you call our Customer Service team so they can explain why they did not allow you to return the product.

This would make things clear for you. Our CS Team contact number is 1.888.525.7580. I hope you will give them a call to clarify this issue.

Again, our sincerest apologies for any inconvenience.

Thanks for your patience and understanding.


no!no! Customer Service


Was going to buy the product till I read the reviews thank you everybody for your honesty and for saving me a lot of money


Hi pshosmer,

We totally understand your hesitation in purchasing a no!no! device.

However, we'd like to inform you that no!no! is 100% risk free since we are offering money back guarantee. This means that you can purchase no!no! and try it for 60 days.

If at anytime during the 60-day trial period you think that no!no! is not working for you then you can just simply give us a call and request for an RMA number. We'll refund the purchase price, refund the shipping cost and pay for it to be sent back to us. We are confident that no!no!

is really working.

You may also visit our website: www.howtonono.com and you can get there some tips and tricks in using no!no!

Thanks a lot


no!no! Customer Service



If it is soo risk free, then why is it people have soo much trouble returning them.?? There is not a single good review about your product, with regards to the risk free trial. Answer me that if u are so confident.


Hi urguyty,

We appreciate your concern and we'd like to thank you for raising this issue.

We were discouraging returns because we want our customers to make the most out of the trial period. We were asking them to finish the 60-day trial for them to check if no!no!

works for them or not. Again, no!no! doesn't work instantly since it takes time, patience and proper use to ensure product effectiveness. At an average, our customers can see the effect in 4-6 weeks provided that they are using it 2-3 times per week.

However, we'd like to let you know that we have changed our process. Customers who are unsatisfied with the result can now return the device anytime within the 60-day trial period. This means that they can just call the Customer Service Department and request for an RMA within 60 days and our team will process their refund request. I hope this answers your issue.

If you are still experiencing problems with the return, please let me know and we'll our best to fix it.

Best Regards,

no!no! Customer Service

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