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AFTER spending money on the no-no I find myself saying "no, no it doesn't work" it doesn't remove anything. and all it is- is a laser light that turns on when it turns on and that's all.

now i get laser hair removal I spent 150 per treatment and haven't had to shave in 2 years DON'T WASTE YOUR MONEY ON THE *** NO IT WON'T WORK IT'S WASTE OF MONEY AND PATIENCE, THE WORST PART IS I GET NO REFUND SINCE I BOUGHT IT IN THE STORE! *** NO NO I WISH I NEVER BOUGHT IT THAT'S ALL OK

Reason of review: Bad quality.

Location: West Bloomfield Township, Michigan

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I agree with you that it does NOT work but it is not a laser light, it is a wire that heats up and burns the hair.

I tried a lot of things with this it would not work at all on course hair. Fine hair and a lot of patience give about the same results as shaving.

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