I purchased one of these, the most powerful one for men. I used it and called back within the specified time and tried to return, don't know why I listened to Jason but he told me to try it a while longer and call back on a specific date if I was not satisfied, I did and was told it was 1 day past the allowed date to return.

I want to warn anyone even thinking about purchasing one of these pathetic devices. I was tricked and ripped off by this Jason person deliberately.

Jason you know about karma right? Peggy

Reason of review: does not work and I was lied to by employee about returning in time. .

Monetary Loss: $375.

No No Hair Removal Cons: It does not work at all, Customer service.

Store Location: Mableton, Georgia

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Hello there,

Thank you for sharing with us your no!no! experience and we're sorry for the inconvenience.

Jason did not trick you to callback after a few days.

He actually helped you to ensure that you will not pay anything for you to return the item. Our money back guarantee states that if you are not fully satisfied with the results of no!no!, you can return the device within the 60-day period. We will return your purchase price, shipping fee and cost of returning the item if you will use it for at least 45 days and return it within 45-60 days. However, if you intend to return it before the 45th day, we can also process the refund however the cost of returning the item is the customer's responsilibity.

If I'm not mistaken, Jason suggested for you to call after the 45th day so that you will not pay for the shipping cost of returning the item. This information can be found on our website for our customers reference.

Moreover, I would like to check your account and check if our Customer Service Department miscalculated your 60 days. Can you please provide me with your order number?

We are looking forward to talk to you soon. Thank you!


The Radiancy Team!


I have a no no, i used it for the first time today, it works brilliantly, i think calling it a pathetic devise is a bit strong? i think its brillant and has done a great job.



Thank you for reaching out and we're glad to know that no!no! works for you.

Hope you can also share any tips and tricks with those that are having problems with their device.

Should you have further questions, please let us know. Thank you

All the Best,

The Radiancy Team


The advert is so annoying!!! Using words like sexy!!!!

Over again and agin!!!there are kids listening!!

what has this world come to!!! The company really needs to make adjustments to their advertisement!!!!!


I had the same problem. so I couldn't return mine after a certain point.

stuck with a piece of *** that I spent a few hundred dollars on. NO NO is a BIG UH OH.


Hello there,

Thank you for writing in and letting us know about your issue.

Can you please provide me with your order number so I can review your account and check how we can help you further? Thank you

All the Best,

The Radiancy Team

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