This might have already been answered - but - My wife asked me to look at her no no model 8800.

First I removed the replacement tip and could see that the little rubber drive belt was stretched to the point that it was not working.

I used a very small flat tip screw driver and removed the outer colored cover starting from the tip end(came off with little effort). Next I removed the inner gray colored case the same way.

Then I used my fingers to pull off the little white colored wide roller that makes contact with your skin. Next I popped out the tiny motor with the same screw driver which has the drive pulley and holds the bottom of the drive belt (little rubber band).

For a replacement belt I was at first going to use a small o-ring - but- when I compared the elasticity of the o-ring to the original belt, the o-ring did not have enough stretch.

I told my wife the situation and she mentioned that our daughter still had some elastic dental bands hanging around and that they were very "stretchy".

So i used - and I quote - ( ORTHODONTIC ELASTICS 1/4" HEAVY NON- LATEX ).

At first sight these will appear too small but they stretch perfectly ( and your original will be already stretched out much longer than it was from contact with oils from your skin.

Put the new band around the pulley wheel of the little motor ( before ) you snap it back in place.

Now stretch the other end of the band over the pulley end of the wide white roller bar just before you snap this back into place. Now replace the inner and outer covers and the replacement tip and you are ready to go.

The dental elastics are square edged instead of round like the original bad - but it will not affect the performance.

I hope this was helpful.

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Great advice thought I was going to have to buy a new one. Thank you


Followed your instructions and fixed NONO thanks for great info Just a bit more info. Prise the front covers off from the top.

I found that was the hardest part but they will come off..

The inside unit then lifts out. I got the ring from eBay 1mm Section 8mm Bore NITRILE 70 Rubber O-Rings


Some of the teeth are broken on my nono can this part be replaced.


Easy to take apart. I found the same problem and have been dealing with the rubber drive issue.

Will look for some type of replacement. The pulley drive by the motor had debris, probably hair, around it that I think restricted the motor from running and the rubber drive to bind.

I cleaned that out also. Good post.


my no no the band is broken so the light stay on when i use it


This worked perfectly! Thank you for your detailed instructions.


very helpful indeed. just had mine fixed today.

the orthodontist only had 3/8" bands and they fitted just fine. it works like now :) thanks a million!

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