I have had my NoNo Hair Remover for almost 7 years. It has worked really well, but this last year it's been getting slower, harder to roll.

This morning it quit working. Power lights were on and it was fully charged, it just wouldn't do anything.

I usually don't use it unless my face is completely clean. But the last time I used it and I had not washed the cream off my face. Then this time it wouldn't work.

So I started thinking maybe it's just dirty down in there. At first I took a small soft paint brush and kind of swiped it out. And blew it with my mouth thinking that would blow away the debris. That did help it started working.

Then I decided to go in the garage and use our air compressor.

I somewhat gently blew it out with air compressor, and NOW IT'S WORKING. No guarantee it will stay working, but yay it's working :)

Hope this helps

Product or Service Mentioned: No No Hair Removal Hair Remover.

Reason of review: My No No is working.

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