My husband bought this as a present for me, I had been wanting one since I first saw on commercial. It came during our vacation so I only had a few weeks to try it before the money back guarantee was up.

I wanted this to work so bad but didn't want to waste my money on another to good to be true thing. After using this for only two weeks the larger head stopped working, it showed it already needed to be replaced. I called customer service to get the information needed to return it, however after speaking with Jason, customer service rep., he guaranteed that what I experienced was a fluke. He told me it must have been a bad laser, and knew if he could send me a new one I would just love the No!

No!. He told me he would send me a new one at no charge but also tried to sell me several extra ones. I explained to him that my guarantee would be up and I didn't want to take the chance of losing my money if he was wrong. He told me that they would extend the guarantee another 30 days and again tried to sell me more laser heads.

I told him I would consider buying more if when receiving the new laser it worked as he said it would. I also asked how would I be guaranteed that I would get another 30 days, he assured me he wrote it in my file but knew I wouldn't need to use it. After receiving the laser, and using it for 3 weeks, twice a week, it also stopped working. My husband called customer service to return the No!No!

because I was very sick with my Lupus. They told him that they never extend the guarantees and my whole conversation didn't happen, that all they could do was to send me a new updated version of the NO!NO! Needless to say, I was ripped off once again by a "too good to be true" item! What a scam, they are extremely helpful when they are trying to use up your guarantee period then very rude when the period is over.

To call me a liar, taking my money and refusing to let me return it when I was within my guarantee period when first calling, then telling me they would expend the guarantee then telling us they never told me that is just fraud!

I intend to contact the attorney general and do whatever I can to let as many people as I can know how bad this company is. The attachment is way over priced, something they don't tell you about when ordering, or that they only last a month if you get lucky.

Reason of review: Damaged or defective.

Monetary Loss: $300.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

No No Hair Removal Cons: No no hair removal because it would not work, Customer service, Rip off, Fraudulent charge.

Location: Stow, Ohio

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