Warrington, England
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Thisis sadly the second one i have bought thro qvc.co.uk..as first began not charging..or.so.ithought..just put of warranty.of.one year by about a week or so..being used.onky once a week on cheeks of face?

As downy hair began growing again and qvc would not replace..i bought another!!

Again..same.problem..missing the down on my face and was burning skin on any more use!

Have.just spoken with qvc who have.me the name of distributor..whos business.is dissolved!!new place taken over..distributed from scotland?made in mexico.onBottom of last one!o

They are blasting out the year guarantee.and.saying they are still being sold in qvc..tho qvc say they are no longer selling them?o

What comeback has any customer...told them.of the.magnitude.of complaints similar tomine..think we all need to get to the ombudsman?in order to get these stopped.from sale?as they are obviuosly not for for anypurpose?

Product or Service Mentioned: No No Hair Removal Hair Remover.

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