Bought a No No Pro. Try it free for 60 days it says...yeah right.

Try to return this thing when you find out it doesn't work and watch the games begin. All you get is the sweet smell of burnt hair and left disappointed with excess stubble. "It doesn't work on everyone" they say. I'm not a hairy person and what I have is fine so if not me, who?

"60% of people see a reduction of hair after 3 months" the supervisor explained. That's not what the adds show. And just how much reduction did their clinical trials show anyway? I worked a 3inch square piece of skin for over an hour.

Buffed it over and over till the skin was raw and it burnt my skin leaving a permanent burn mark, the stench of burnt hair (and skin) and still there was stubble in various lengths. Ended up having to go shave after.


If you're still determined to buy this product then don't be surprised when you get the same results.

Product or Service Mentioned: No No Hair Removal Hair Remover.

Monetary Loss: $400.

Location: Walnut Grove, British Columbia

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i had used but after 2 week back hair on my arm.so i can, belive.


So..you got BACK hair to grow on your ARM? Wowzer!


the clue is in the name no no lol

rule of thumb i use is if it is overly marketed on tv and overly priced do not buy.


I should have looked at the reviews. I found that No-No only works on a firm, smooth surface-like your forearm that is often shown in ads.

It does not work at all on any curves or soft squishy areas like underarms, ankles or back of calves.

It also will not work on small areas like toes (tends to burn those). Total waste of money except for the education in the marketing of getting people to spend lots of money on a worthless product.


Hi pricer,

We're sorry to hear that you are disappointed with our product. Thank you also for bringing this to our attention.

We'd like to let you know that you can use the new no!no! 8800 series everywhere except *** and genitals. However if you have the narrow Thermicon™ Tips for Small & Sensitive Areas, you may also treat facial hair. We hope this helps.

You may visit our website, www.howtonono.com, for more tips and tricks in using your no!no!.


no!no! Customer Service


do not ever use this product on your face...not a good place to be scarred!!!!!


Haha love your description of an epic fail! I was going to order one but I think not >.


I want to make sure that it is very important to see whether or not his is something that is going to improve in many way.

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