I purchased the No No Hair removal in Dec 2013 to replace my tweezers that I used to remove a small amount of gray hairs on my chin (female). After using it for 3 weeks, I called No No to complain about the burning of hair but no removal.

Even the buffer does not remove the gray strands of hair. It is now June 2014 (six months later) and I now have lots of hair underneath my chin by using this product. I'm experiencing new stubs of hard hair all underneath my chin as though I have a beard vs. the few strands prior to purchasing No No.

I have called the company numerous times telling them about this new growth, and they said that it was impossible. No No is a scam.

They are making a fortune via false advertisement and by paying magazines/actors to lie about the product. I'm searching for an attorney to who will put a stop to this product and compensate me for this nightmare.

Product or Service Mentioned: No No Hair Removal Hair Remover.

Monetary Loss: $300.

Location: Dallas, Texas

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I have been contemplating purchasing a nono for some time now partly because the adverts bedazzled me however upon reading hundreds of negative reviews I have decided to stick with the devil i know so to speak, thank you all for your honesty.


Hi there,

Thank you for sharing your experience in using no!no! and we're sorry to hear about this problem.

We'd like to ask some questions for us to check what went wrong.

a) What no!no! device are you using? For the tips, is it the standard Thermicon tips or the Thermicon™ Tips for Small & Sensitive Areas?

b) Are you still tweezing while using no!no!?

We'd like to hear more about your problem and we'd love to help you get the result that you've hoped for. Please send us an email at cs@trynono.com with your order information, contact number and your answers to the questions above.

We hope to hear from you soon.

Sincerely, no!no! Customer Service


The exact same thing happened to.me! I'm sick aboth this.

It's worse than it was before. I agree, it is a scam!


Hi there,

We're sorry to hear that no!no! didn't meet your desired results and we thank you for informing us about this.

We'd like to help you get the result that you're expecting. Please provide us more information about your no!no! experience so we can assist your further. You may also check for some tips and tricks in using no!no!

in our website - www.howtonono.com.

Looking forward for your response.

Thank you!


no!no! Customer Service


I've had the same experience, excess hair on my face since the use of this product and was looking for a attorney myself. Please let me know if you have any success in contacting a attorney.

Thank you,



Aaron Levine has a class action suit against them


I wasn't sure myself being in my forties I assumed it was a new onset of hormonal changes I was experiencing . After reading these last few comments I am genuinely angry.

I never had problems with hair over growth. In fact I had very fine and barely visible hair in small areas that never grew or darkened . Now ,I can without effort see and feel hair hair . Yes , that was how fine it used to be , you couldn't feel it even after months carefree .

It just isn't in my genes , yet the no no has changed that . It is no longer a minor hair growth , it's now an embarrassment , I have to address daily.

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