On my third EXPENSIVE No No. Comes eith two heads...large & small.

With everyone, after only imagine 9 months in large head no longer works. Do not think I will go to the expense of buying another one.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

Location: Loxahatchee, Florida

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We're sorry to hear about this experience and we appreciate taking the time to write about it.

One of the common reasons why no!no! is not working is because of the Thermicon Tip.

Thermicon tips usually work for 2-3 months only depending on the usage. Afterwards, you may need to replace it to ensure that no!no! will work.

Also, you can buy separate Thermicon tips without buying a new device.

It comes with both the small and large tips. I hope this information helps.


The tips are sold separately and cost less than a razor. They do not last forever the tips will lose it's power over time.

I remember purchasing mine and the person told me this so I already knew. You WILL NOT love it in the first couple of weeks. But that IS WHY they give you the MBG, duh! It's a PROFESSIONAL TREATMENT people, NOT A SHAVER.

They say that over and over and over again EVERYWHERE. So maybe actually use it like it needs to be used.


Hello there,

Thanks for taking time to respond. You've said it all :)

We're happy to know that despite these negative feedback, we still have a lot of customers like you who totally understand how the device works. We appreciate it!

You have a great year ahead!

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