Yes ir does not do what ot claims to on tv 1 its not wire free lik it shows on tv 2 it does not work.i could get better results usin a lighter over my hairs to sringe them hair still grows back thick as b4 and 3 it keeps flashin to replace head even tho only came with 2 one was already defective now other is broke a total waste of 160

Reason of review: Not as described/ advertised.

Location: Stockport, Stockport

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Again did not work at all not even close this system would pulsate and jump around bought the extra tips etc wasted close to 300 $


Thanks for sharing your no!no! experience with us.

Our TV commercial shows what an original no!no! does. However based on your review, it seems that you have purchased a fake or counterfeit no!no!. The cost of the original device is approximately £228.00 and not £160.

This is the reason why you are not getting the results that you are expecting.

If you have purchased your no!no! device from Ebay, please get in touch with them and request for a refund since selling of counterfeit items is against their rules.


Bought one for Christmas last year never worked it would pulsate and jump up and down never removed any hair at all waste of time and close to $ 300.00 can't find anyway to contacted nono for complaints or refunds


Smells like burn hair really sucks worest product i have ever wasted money on sent that *** right back and hair grows right back and takes forerer to use wont even remove all hair and skin is not sofe at all cant be safe if your hair is being burnt off.


Thanks for taking time in writing this feedback.

no!no! uses Thermicon, a heat based technology that singes the hair.

The smell of burning hair lets you know that no!no! is doing its job. As you continue with the no!no! treatment and less hair grows back, the smell will lessen.

We also suggest you to use the no!no! smooth that comes with your device to take away the smell.

no!no! has been clinically proven to be safe and effective.

We have sold over 6 million units worldwide and we have received a lot of great feedback from other users.

Also, no!no! doesn't work in an instant. It takes time and patience before you can see the result. At an average, it takes 4-6 weeks of using the no!no!

for 2-3 times per day for you to see the results.

Patience is really the key, however, you'll be able to see a great result if you stick to the regimen. Hope this helps.

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