Awful product when my son used it on he's body hair it hurt him he said it was sore and that night we went to bed thinking there was a fire down stairs the smell was like someone had set fire to he's head singed hair it was awful I would never say this Nono pro is a good gadget for getting rid of body hair on the advert u can't smell the awful smell of burning my poor son is only 15 he had a pure red chest after using it

Product or Service Mentioned: No No Hair Removal Hair Remover.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

Location: Bexleyheath, England

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why was you using it on your 15 year old son in the first place


Hello there,

Thanks for reaching out and sharing your son's no!no! experience with us.

We're sorry that this happened to your son.

Where did you purchase your no!no! device?

How did your son learn how to use the no!no!?

Can you please tell us how your son is treating his chest hair?

Which Thermicon tip is he using?

Thank you so much and we're looking forward to your response. Thanks and have a great day!

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