Really dissapointing.The thermicon blade broke on first use. I bought an additional three pack of blades, they all broke/malfunctioned too.

The blades are quite expensive to replace. I bought the No!No! Pro 5 and have been using it as directed for four months now. I was hoping it would have a cumulative effect.

I wish I had sent it back earlier. It has also caused unsightly marks from ingrown hairs (caused by this device) on my legs.

Dissapointed, very dissapointed. Didn't work as advertised.

Replacement blades overpriced. I feel ripped off and mislead.

Product or Service Mentioned: No No Hair Removal Hair Remover.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

Location: Sydney, New South Wales

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We're sorry to hear about this problem and we totally understand where you are coming from. We wanted to help you with this problem and we hope you answer these questions

Where did you purchase your no!no! device?

What about the Thermicon Tips?

How often do you use it per week?

We're hoping for your response so we can help you with this problem.

Thank you and we're looking forward to your response.


I purchased it from TVSN in Sydney which is also where I purchased the additional and expensive blades.

I want to contact the ACCC re false claims and product that is not satisfactory.

Extremely dissspointed. Total rip off that has left me scarred, out of pocket a lot of money and without positive results.


I purchased a number of the 3 packs of thermicon blades ($49.95 fot each pavk of 3 plus postage) from the same place and was using the device as directed a few days each week. I invested a lot of money and time not to receive results and am disappointed to say the least.

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