The no no really is a complete rip off

I have bought the no no pro which has 5 setting's on it & alot more expensive plus the additional extra heads bundle. A total of £302.00

I really wish I had looked at reviews before purchase. All the complaints I have read are true. Im too worried to send it back now because people aren't even getting a refund.

its disgusting how companys cab get away with such scams and not back up their claim of refunds if customers aren't happy.

Every one should pass the word around & hope that nobody else gets ripped off.

it just singes the top of the hair &does not remove it. It takes forever just to remove a bit but even then the results are extremely disappointing.

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I was going to buy one but now changed my mind. Thanks.


Hello Glofaruaa,

We totally understand that you're hesitant in purchasing no!no! however we'd like to inform you that we are offering a 100% risk free deal with our customers.

If you purchase your no!no! through our website, we are offering a 60-day triple money back guarantee. This means that if you are not fully satisfied with the results, you may call us within 45-60 days and we'll issue you a refund. We'll return the purchase price, shipping fee and the cost of returning the item.

This only shows how confident we are that no!no! works for many.

We hope this information helps with your decision. Thank you!

All the Best,

The Radiancy Team!


Hi there,

We're sorry to hear that you've had such experience in using your no!no!. We'd like to help you with your no!no!

and see how we can get you the results you hoped for. We have some tips and tricks in using no!no! and you can check that by going to www.howtonono.com.

Also, you may contact our UK Customer Service Team at 0344 482 5089 for further assistance.

Rest assured that we are always here to help you get the results that you wanted.


no!no! Customer Service

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