Here's what they're doing, what all these get rich quick commercial scams do and have been doing forever, they tell you money back guarantee if it doesn't work for you or don't like it no questions ask and they give you 60 days or whatever amount of days to return it, because they know most people forget, have other things on their mind and most likely will try to return the product too late after the money back guarantee period. And it seems from reading the complaints that no no takes it a step further by telling you when u call to return it that u can't until you've tried it for 45 days, so they're really stacking the odds in their favor by only giving you 15 days to ask for a refund, they know that most likely you'll call too late....

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Location: Los Angeles, California

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I want my money I don't like it


I paid full price when I place my order on March 3rd and I still have not received my nono I ordered I called and got the runaround saying that they don't have my name or anything how in the world don't they have my name you pay in full I guess they just take your money and you don't get the product. this makes me mad so I lose over 200.00 to them almost 300.00I will never do this again Never thanks anyway

Barbara Burham


I’m not sure where you live, but I’d call your credit card and appeal the charge if you experience anything like this future. I use credit vs debit for all telephone purchasesv for this exact reason.

Your reason will be that the product want delivered.

For those that want to return it and Customer service is refusing refund. Box up your paperweight (No!No!) along with a written explanation of why you're returning it for a refund. Take pictures of your box, letter, NONO, and mail it back to them insured along with tracking number.

Once you can see it was delivered, print off verification and call your credit card company to dispute because the product delivered was not the what you were left to believe. Keep you pics as evidence that you've returned it in case you need them and you will get your money back minus shipping costs.


I am so glad I read these reviews because I was planning on buying one. Thanks to all of you who gave me "a heads up!" I feel for you though.


Hi there,

Thanks for writing in and we appreciate your feedback.

Our commitment to our customers is to provide them with a quality product to use for a full 60 days in order achieve professional hair removal results in the privacy of their own home. no!no!

is backed by our 60 day triple guarantee that begins the day you receive your package. Our triple guarantee means that if you have tried using no!no! for at least 45 days & no more than 60 days, and you are not satisfied, we will refund the full product price, shipping and handling charges and we will cover the costs for you to return your no!no!. If you choose to return before you've used the unit for at least 45 days then we will still gladly refund your product price but the cost of postage to return is your responsibility.

We hope this helps.

Best Regards,

no!no! Customer Service


That doesn't address there concern at all. They said they never received it and you come back with a skit.

Why not address there problem head on instead of reading a script from your computer or there on your desk. I know they give you things to say but man up and address the dang problem!


i am still awaiting return details and have noticed you've taken another payment!! The no no has burned mine and my daughters skin like we'd cut ourselves I'm not paying £280 for something that harms us!!!!

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