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Update by user Apr 13, 2012

After one month my complaint got zero responses from PissedConsumer readers. I did, however, pass it along to Consumer Reports hoping that their audience would be more interested.

Original review posted by user Mar 13, 2012

I decided to check them out before buying the product, and what a surprise. This outfit seems to have posted a hundred or more web sites that come up when I searched for No No fraud, No No dangerous product, No No rip off, or any other negative search I tried for No No products.

Their attempt to circumvent finding legitimate anti-No No sites was certainly well planned. Their sites did, in fact, use the terms fraud, dangerous, etc., but then put a PR spin on them which diminished or even negated these phony, scripted complaints.

All the while, of course, making it difficult to find real product concerns.

There was a breath of fresh air I found on the Amazon.com site and that was a long list of user ratings, most of which were negative. Because of these factors,1) the company's attempt to hide legitimate customer complaints, and 2) a deluge of pissed-off Amazon customers I decided not to buy this potentially dangerous item and to post this info for others to read.

Location: Washington, District Of Columbia

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thank you . stopped me from buying a bad product!


You are right, absolutely! If No No were any good you'd find it in the mainstream malls and shops but No No!

No legitimate shop keeper would stock this overpriced, doesn't work as advertised based on false claims and promises.

:( Hokey Smokes, it sounds like Obama Care now doesn't it.


What does the President have to do with the No No product? Obamacare is awesome!

It allowed ME to get insurance that was unobtainable for over ten years in my case. You're living in the wrong state to be complaining about THAT stuff bub!

Hopefully next year, I'll be able to get the "No-No Pro" through my doctor & my insurance plan. :P


I found legitimate anti-nono information from VUMC. In the conclusion of their evaluation they state, "We conclude that the hot-wire device does not offer any benefit as compared to shaving."



I too found the complaints on Amazon useful. I said No to NO NO myself.


NO! to NO NO..I'm in the process of file a nationwide class action agains NO NO...If interested in being a class member you will receive an incentive award, much different than a class member.

Please contact me at Ryan2.b@***.com Please contact me as to how the "class Action" works. @ ryan.1b@***.com


If you want the scoop on the negative reviews for this product, go to amazon.com and search for the product. There are plenty of bad reviews there and you also may find that the revewiers there might welcome a class action lawsuit.

I was wondering when this was going to come considering the amount of people who received 2nd and some 3rd degree burns. Good luck.


So, mon ami, what is your Bar Number and what state are you licensed?

Are you a Cyber Pfisherman?


Never trust a lawyer or anyone who speciously claims to be one.


Thanks for your review. Being a guy with more hair than I want on my body I am looking for something to help.

Like you I found that the No No company had stuffed the ballot box when doing a search and that alone told me that there is an issue. Looking elsewhere, thanks again!


Thank you! :zzz


HSN, which has been selling NoNo for years, is constantly selling new configurations of NoNo : They add a useless cream or two and some rhinestones to decorate your NoNo case with. Pathetic.

Because each offer is "new", the old reviews are deleted, so new customers cannot read the previous reviewers ratings that are usually 2 out of 5, or at most, 2.3.

There is no Zero rating, every product gets at least one star. I consider one star to be NO stars.

They continue to sell this products with rave reviews not just implied but declared. These reviews are few and far between.

If you have thick hair to be removed, you will need to go over and over and over every spot--on a hairy leg for instance, as many as 12 times during one session on ONE spot.

This product will work, but it requires many many months or even years of use, and the replacements blades (2 sizes) are costly and do not last long.


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