Simply put, this product just doesn't work. Don't waste your money.

It doesn't even leave your legs smooth, much less remove hair permanently. I used it as directed, religiously for six months. It's a scam. You have to keep purchasing these polishing discs in order to even get hair completely removed and each on only works about once or twice, so even after you overpay for the device, your stuck repurchasing the discs forever.

And they're customer service sucks.

They were supposed to bill me in three installments, but instead billed me twice in one month. Awful!

Product or Service Mentioned: No No Hair Removal Hair Remover.

Location: Dallas, Texas

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I'm glad I read this because I was considering buying this product.




I agree with everyone here. I can't believe the thing is still on the market.

You have to use the buffing pads to even get close to smooth skin...but the good news is you get a good workout doing that LOL. You're much better off just waxing, or even shaving.

At least with waxing your hair really does come in softer and sparser. With this *** contraption all you get is burnt hair.


My experience, as well.

I'm amazed there are so few similar complaints, though my experience years back )when I purchased NoNo, got in touch with the company and looked on line to see what other customers were saying) was that every comment issued about NoNo appeared like cookie cutter, positive repeats of each other, all overriding any negative comments.

They also point the finger back to the user as being faulty.

Perhaps it WAS me. Or perhaps I had the only one that didn't work (it lite up, burned a few surface hairs, & made an impressive noise to sound like it was doing something, but the percentage of any noticeable effectiveness was down below 10%).

It was just SOOOOO obvious the amount of searches I made, & the amount of repeat claims for the product's effectiveness, & user faultiness was a sham - like they payed a few people to keep writing tons of good reviews to discount the real ones AND submit them under as many various titles they'd have ALL title searches (negative & positive) covered.

I'm amazed they're still in business pulling off this scam, though I must say because of this experience I'm much more cautious about quickly grabbing up these new gizmos, & more aware of false customer account postings (I suppose that's good for something).


i hate hate hate the nono.after using it 7 times,totally messed up my face.wont reccomend anyone to use it on face.now all that area where i used it,its full off of acne,and i just dont know how to get my normal face back.


Hi no!no! customer!

Your issue has been brought to our attention and we are so sorry your experience with no!no! has been less than satisfactory. We would like the opportunity to change that!

Customer service is our top priority, so please send us an email to NoNoCares@trynono.com explaining your situation. Make sure to include your first and last name or order number and a number where we can reach you so that we can access your account. Also, please put “Complaints Board no!no! Customer” in the subject line.

Our first goal is happy customers so we look forward to hearing from you and working with you to make this happen!

Thank you.

The no!no! team


You guys from the NoNo Team should offer better customer service to your clients, instead of ripping them off. I will never buy anything from your company!

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