This product never removed hair and one of the tips malfunctioned. (The wire broke) They wouldn't give me a refund but they did send another tip.

I called again a few weeks later for the refund promised well within the 60 day guarantee period. I was told I had to wait the full 60 days. I called on the 60th day, I was told I had to wait until the 61st day and I couldn't be eligible for the refund until day 61. I called back the next day (The 61st day) and I was told I was too late because the 60 day period had expired.

They refused to refund any money or acknowledge any call I'd made except for the call to replace the tip. This is a product that doesn't work and they WILL NOT refund the money no matter how well you follow the instructions they set down. (And change at will so they can keep the money) This is a scam that cost me $300 that I can't afford to lose! I'll NEVER buy ANY product from this company and recommend to everyone to not waste their money on this scam!

I learned the hard way to research all the reviews before I buy virtually ANY product! It was a very expensive lesson!

Monetary Loss: $300.

Location: Lincoln, Nebraska

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Hi there,

We're sorry to hear that you've had such experience with no!no! and we would also like to thank you for bringing this to our attention.

Some people start to notice the effects after just a few treatments, for others, it may take months. However, the average period that people start to see long lasting results is around 4-6 weeks. This is also the reason why we encourage our customers to wait for few weeks for them to check the result. However, if at anytime during the 60 days, you feel no!no!

is not right for you then you can call us and request for an RMA number.

We'd like to review your account and check how we can further help you.

If this issue has not been resolved yet, please send us an email at cs@trynono.com with your order information and contact number so we can reach out to you.


no!no! Customer Service


Nice copy and paste answer you have there. Do you just go around the internet pasting this to all irate customers?

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