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I loved my NoNo and it really worked for me until the "O" that acts as a pully to make it work stretched out. I haven't been able to even get a response tovthe "contact us" function of the web site or calls to the company.

A part probably much less than $1, keeps me from being able to use this product costing over $200. I product that I liked and used and worked for me. I want to buy some or at least get the dimensions of an unstretched O ring.

Makes me furious! Why I can't get any customer service ids beyond me.

Product or Service Mentioned: No No Hair Removal Hair Remover.

Location: Troutdale, Oregon

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Right On! You say it so well.

I too am needing replacement o rings for my no!no! Unbelievable that they Have such poor customer service.


I also had a bad experience with no-no. It worked fine and suddenly it started to burn my skin.

I called their office/customer service and they basically told me I was out of luck.

I asked if I could pay to have it repaired they told me no thrown away and buy a new one. Terrible terrible customer service.


Thanks for the info on the rubber ring. Just managed to fix it with one of those.

I used a mini flat screwdriver (the sort that mend glasses) jamming the rubber ring down with it, in between the end of the lower roller and the casing. It helps if the device is held with the top (button side) and the small slit on the side of the roller facing upwards, it helps to make sure the ring goes on the right direction rather than falling out again.


My brother figured out how to open up the case so the O ring could be replaced. You have to gently separate the cover, the side with the on off switch. You gently separate the top then there are 2 hooks on the bottom that hold the bottom of the case.


The nono O ring is a pain in the 'ring' I sorted it by buying five of the following at around £3.43 off eBay

1mm Section 8mm Bore NITRILE 70 Rubber O-Rings

Remove the tip, remove the roller with grooved end and then use a small flat-head screwdriver to slide the ring below the lower roller and then slip the large roller back on and the ring over the groove - five minutes, job done, a £200 machine back in operation.


Thanks so much for your help in sizing the o-ring. I was able to order Silicone o-rings from oringsandmore.com in the US at a very resonable price using part/SKU number 81MMS which is an 8mm bore and and a 1mm cross-section.


I love how the NoNo rep responded on Dec 18th 2014 to give a commentator a link to see how NoNo works, but conveniently ignored the "O" ring question, which is what the complaint is about! Very shady, in my opinion. I won't bother with this product since this company is behaving in a questionable manner.


I have the same problem with the o-ring. Very disappointing. I will not buy a new one.


I just had the O ring stretch out, looked in the instruction book, no mention of it~Hey NoNo What is up with this??? Address this customer issue, PLEASE


I've had this same experience with NONO and have gone thru 2 "o" ring bands within 2 years (I had an old one that my husband took the "o" ring from after the 1st one stretched). Both "o" ring bands are stretched.

I contacted customer service and was told my only option was to purchase a new one!

My husband found a set of 100 "o" ring bands we are purchasing today for $9.97. If we find the correct band size (it will have cost 10 cents to repair), we will let you know and EVERYONE with this issue.

Shame on NONO!

I've liked their product and have spoken highly of it. However, this company is aware of this issue and refuses to address it.

If potentional customers know their product will not work in 15-18 months because of 10 cent band that NONO company refuses to address, make available, or make right, the customer will probably think twice. It's a shame!



What size o-ring do I need and was your husband successful in finding one?


Did you ever find the correct o-ring and if you did, could you please post how you changed them. Mine has just give the same way.

Thanks. Mark


Hi I have the same issue and feel the same way. I am going g to report them to the BBB. That usually pissed them off.

Will let you know if I get any thing back.


So you liked it, used it, and it "worked" for you? Man, that's great.

I just wish you would have elaborated a bit more on the results you had.

Too many negative comments on here simply say that "it doesn't work". I wish you would have told us HOW it works.


Hi Mr. Johnson,

Thanks for your interest in no!no!.

We're here to assist should you have any questions about no!no! products.

If you're looking at how no!no! works, you may visit this website: http://www.trynono.com/intl1/howitworks.aspx. You can also get some tips and tricks in using no!no!

by going to this website: www.howtonono.com. Hope this helps.

Please don't hesitate to contact us if you have further questions.

All the Best,

no!no! Customer Service

@Treyshawn Nug

NoNo customer rep did not address the problem. Good product with terrible customer service.

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