Waste of my hard earned money¡!!!!!!!

Location: Havelock, North Carolina

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Yes yes, waste of hard earned money. I stupidly gave the no!no!

2 months to work to give it the benefit of the doubt. I consistantly used it, and now I've wasted money, can't sell it, and basically said too bad, i should have returned it earlier. Way to go for someone who really tried to give.

A chance. I will need to tell my model friends Not to purchase this product.


We're sorry that no!no! didn't work for you.

Can you please tell me more about this issue?

What happened after you have used no!no! for 2 months? How many times a week do you no!no! and which part of your body are you treating?

Should you have called us on the 60th day, we would have helped you return the device and process your refund.

Since we can no longer return it, let's just maximize it and make it work again.

We suggest you visit our website with tips and tricks in using no!no! - www.howtonono.com.

We're looking forward to your response and we hope that this information helps.


Thanks for reaching out, Carla1955.

We're sorry that you are not satisfied with the results of no!no!.

Can you please tell us more about this problem so we know how we can help you further? Thanks and we're looking forward to talk to you soon.


The Radiancy Team


Ordered No No over the week end. Changed mind & called to cancel Monday morning.

Been on the phone waiting since 9:05 am & now it is 11:20 am. Over 2 hours waiting for someone to answer the phone & still waiting. The service is terrible. Will more than likely never get through to speak with anyone today.

Was trying to avoid the hassle of having my card charged & sending back. No such luck. Buyer beware, Once ordered they make it pretty much impossible to cancel your order.

Should have researched this company & product first. willsend back as soon as I receive it.


Thanks for reaching out and we're sorry for the inconvenience. We appreciate sharing your no!no!

experience with us.

Our Customer Service opens at 9am EST and we usually don't get that much calls during that time. So, we think it's impossible that you need to wait for more than 2 hours just to get hold of us. May we know the phone number that you were calling? Rest assured that we're doing our best to make it easier for our customers to reach us.

We hope that at this time, you were able to get in touch with our Customer Service Department.

We suggest you to please get a return authorization and ask for the return process from our Customer Service before sending it back to ensure that you'll get your refund. Thanks and we're sorry for the inconvenience.


The Radiancy Team

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