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My mother had been using the no!no! for several months and absolutely loved it!

I noticed a dramatic difference in the growth of hair on her chin and, having some unwanted hair there myself, decided it was time for me to try it as well. So, my mom bought me a no!no! pro as a gift for my birthday and I started using it right away. I loved it, too!

I loved how easy it was to use (although sometimes I couldn't get it to work on certain areas of my face) and how smooth and stubble-free my skin felt after I used the buffer. I even started noticing a lack of growth of hair on my chin, and what WAS growing, was growing much slower than it had been before I started using the no!no!. THEN... after a successful 4 months of loving my hairless chin...

it died. It just stopped working. It still turned on and lit that beautiful blue light, but as I rolled it across my chin and neck... nothing.

I read that the thermicon tips need to be replaced, so I thought that may have been the case. I ordered a pack of new tips and anxiously tried it again. But, no luck. I asked my mom if this had ever happened to her and if so, what did she do, but luckily her, it was still alive and kicking.

I called the customer service for no!no! and they said that because my mom bought it from HSN and no longer has her proof of purchase, there is nothing they can do for me. So, $250.00 out, I no longer have my no!no!.

Unfortunately, I WILL NOT purchase a new one since many reviews state the same thing has happened and that this item seems very sensitive or temperamental. I once had wonderful things to say about the no!no!, but now I am VERY disappointed.

Product or Service Mentioned: No No Hair Removal Hair Remover.

Reason of review: Damaged or defective.

Monetary Loss: $250.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

No No Hair Removal Pros: That the hair was softer as it grew back, Hair grew in less.

No No Hair Removal Cons: Stopped working.

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I have only had mine 4 weeks, this is so bad that the company will not offer help or any solution,


Mines has stopped working also nightmare just few months old Is there a fault with them


I have used mine for 10 times thought I’d wait till I was not working as hubby bought me it for my birthday. Then it stopped as you said the blue light and heat stopped.

I tried to to other fittings to see if it was the one I was using was damaged but no not working.£250 and stopped working within 10 days.

When I get back from holiday I hope hubby can find receipt as he bought it in February in boots the chemist. This happened to my old one but I thought it was because it was used lots and old


It's still going on. I wish I had found this earlier.

Mine just died as well. Same thing. Blue light still comes on. still replaced batteries, just in case.

put in new tip. still nothing. Bought new tips - just in case.

Still nothing. The worst is wondering whether to throw it away and be done with it, or keep it in case it comes back or someone will offer a refund.


This post was very helpful, the same thing just happened to me too, my no no just quit working all of the sudden, the blue lights turn on but when put to the skin nothing happens, I purchased it from hsn in 2016. I guess there is no point in trying to resolve this, I will probably get nowhere, They should have a better quality product for the price they charge. Wont buy a no no again.


Mine has turned red changed the tip and still red. Ive put a larger tip in now and it seems to be working for the moment how long Ive no idea.


Same thing has happened to me, blue light just dies after one second and just left with red, plus no plusor. Useless now, wasnt great to start with though.


Mine just did the same thing. I got it as a gift.

At first it was great, same results as you, but a few days ago it started acting up. Not "pulsing" as I rolled it. I gave it a little shake and it would start up again. But today all I have is blue lights.

Very disappointed. This product costs too much to just stop working after a short time.


Dies your mum still like it?


Yes... She still likes it, although now she, too has experienced it not working as well...

Doesn't always work on certain areas of her face anymore... Ugh.

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