Ordered from Amazon and "about" 1 yr later, it quit...Completely ! Do I just throw it away?

It will not charge at all. I am older and it makes doing hair removal so much easier..but I am not spending that much money on another. I'll wait until better technology comes along. It was working fine and was charged up.

The next day . I started to use it and nothing worked. I looked to see if it had charged but could see nothing. I had used it a min or two the day before after charging, but that day nothing.

It is the pink , silver top & I have the charger, no no pads and extra heads. I have lost the cd pf the user manual.

What do I do now? I keep trying to no avail.

Reason of review: On time delivery.

No No Hair Removal Pros: That the hair was softer as it grew back.

No No Hair Removal Cons: It does not work at all.

Location: Chattanooga, Tennessee

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Hello lostvet460,

We're sorry to hear that no!no! has stopped working.

We'd like to assure you that our products have passed series of Quality Assurance to make sure that it will work as expected. However, there are a number of unauthorized sellers from Ebay and they're selling counterfeit products. Hopefully, you didn't buy from one of those sellers.

We highly recommend getting in touch with the seller of that device and inform them about this problem.

Thanks and we hope that this gets resolved immediately.


The Radiancy Team


Did you go to the No No web site? Most all product sites have some kind of owners manual that you can download or access online. Maybe you will find something there to help you.


Since you like the machine, consider taking it to a Batteries Plus or watch repair place and have them replace the rechargeable battery. It saved my expensive Braun shaver and now i know how to do it myself if the battery fails again. Good luck


Hello lostvet460,

We're sorry to hear about this problem and thanks for sharing your no!no! experience with us.

There are a number of no!no!

resellers on Amazon and most of them are not authorized retailers who are selling counterfeit or fake no!no! devices. We hope this is not your case. Truth be told, we highly recommend you get in touch with the seller of that device and inform them about this problem.

Our product comes with a warranty and we hope that they'll also provide you with the same guarantee. Another thing you can do is to call no!no!'s customer service department for them to troubleshoot the problem with you.

You may reach out to them at 888 525 7580

Customer Support Hours of Operation are:

Monday through Friday from 6am – 6pm (PST)

Saturday from 7am – 1pm (PST) I hope this information helps. All the Best, The Radiancy Team

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