Would give it a 0 rating if I could.

Address to return-- try this one. It's on the letter.

150 Stewart Pkwy.

Greensboro, GA. 30642


Got it for Christmas so didn't check the reviews ahead of time. I burned me twice, I smelled like burned hair after using it every time. And I never had a satisfactory result when using it.

I read the letter that came with it and it gives a window of 15 days to return it and get a refunds. It has to be more than 45 days and less than 60 days from receiving it. I am now in that time period and have called them twice.

The first time the lady said she would send a return slip to my email. Waited 2 days and didn't receive it so called again.

Was told that time that he would send it again. I had him wait until I checked my email but it never came. Then he asked for another email. It didn't come to that email either. He then said he would mail it. I have waited 5 days and still nothing. I will call again but don't know what else to do but mail it back without the slip. Don't know if I will get a refund or not. Very, very disgusted with the whole thing.

Reason of review: Poor customer service, bad quality, can't return.

Monetary Loss: $100.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

No No Hair Removal Cons: Does not remove hair, Rip off.

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So glad I've read these reviews.my husband wanted to get the nono for me but I said it will probably turn out to be a did and I trust people who have tried products not the ads trying to sell them, I've learned through these poor reviews that the nono is in fact a bad buy and the company who should be trying to make unhappy customers happy just likes to tell unhappy customers that its clearly not their fault they can't seem to refund or respond to your problems. Its that fraud act companies like to use they give u the run around until your warranty is expired or their money back guarantee does not apply to u and when u call them out where others can see they resort to telling you the customer its your fault....bad move on their part when they do it repeatedly for all to see.....I say start a group petition so that everyone who got the jilt and no money back can get results as a whole.

Make the company pay for any legal cost as well. I can say I will not buy a mono


Thanks for sharing your no!no! experience with us.

The trial period of no!no!

is 60 days. Allow us to explain it further. You can return the device anytime within the 60-day period. We will be processing a refund for your purchase price and the shipping fee.

This way, we have refunded whatever your have paid us. As a bonus, if you will use the device for at least 45 days but not more than 60 days, we will also pay for the cost of returning the item to our warehouse. I hope this clarifies your problem.

Also, when we say that we'll send you the RMA to your email, we mean that. We're sure that it has been sent to you unless the email address is incorrect.

Have you tried to check your spam or junk email?

We hope that this time you were able to get your RMA and you have already returned the item. Thank you and have a great one.

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