Bought it ,tried it no luck. Smell like a burned hair that last for 3 hours after I shower, the hair density is the same after using it for many times according to the booklet, the burning head is very expensive to replace after 7-8 times of useage.

the show case stores do not offer the same return policy of 60 days trial, return for a full refund anymore. They have their own made up policy, which is a store refund only .

Its a rip off . a $300 of a store refund means that I have to buy many items that I may not need at all.Do not even think about trying it.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

Location: Ottawa, Ontario

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The Showcase store in our local mall has the same return policy & "The Radiancy Team" doesn't care if we don't want $300 worth of useless junk; they are just happy that they are off the hook to pay us back our money. Our Showcase store now refuses to carry the No No Pro because of the huge number of complaints!


We're sorry that you've experienced this problem and we appreciate spending some time to let us know about it.

We totally understand that the smell of burning hair is really irritating. Although the smell of a no!no!

treatment is not pleasant, it is a sign that it is working properly! Try aromatic candles or potpourri to help cover the smell. Applying no!no! Smooth skin lotion after use will not only keep skin moisturized and smooth, it will also help to mask the unpleasant burnt hair smell.

Also, the no!no! does not work instantly while the Thermicon tips will last up to 4- 6 months depending on the usage and how you clean it. Nonetheless, we're glad to know that you were able to take advantage of the store's guarantee. Lastly, there's no need to buy those accessories since they're already part of your no!no!

package. Other customers can always try it since we are offering a guarantee that if it didn't work, they can always return and get a full refund.

We hope that we were able to help you earlier. Thanks and have a great one!

All the Best,

The Radiancy Team!

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