The no no? No works!!!!

Seriously, how are people allowed to put out garage products, make an infomercial and claim that these products work. My mom bought the no no a few years ago. And it never worked. I would have sent the junk back.

But she didn't. She passed it on to my sister to try thinking that maybe she was just using it wrong. But that wasn't the case. It never worked for her either.

So I wanted to give it a try. And all it did was burn my arms and face. If they had a consumer lawsuit? I would get on board.

Now with the money they conned out of consumers. They've went and made a Pro version. Now can someone tell me what does the Pro no no does that the old 8800 version wasn't doing? Nothing!

It just cost more. I even watched that waste of time CD that comes with it.

This is the worst product. Pure garbage and a big waste of hard earned money.

Product or Service Mentioned: No No Hair Removal Hair Remover.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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